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After flirting with journalism, translations and even Zoology for over two decades, I have found my true love in traveling. I spend my time exploring the nooks and crannies of India, though I believe nobody can fully discover this vast country but I have vowed to try anyway! When not traveling, I am persistently writing about my adventures, which range from trekking in one of the most hostile terrains on earth i.e. in Siachen Glacier to snorkeling in sleepy, exotic islands of Andaman and Nicobar. My tales of adventures and encounters regularly appear in reputed publications. And if I am neither traveling nor writing about it, I am spending time at cultural hubs in Delhi, looking for inspiration and meeting fellow travelers, and scrounging the city bookstores & libraries for travelogues. I have always been a mountain child and dream of owning a wooden cottage in the Himalayas with a gigantic library.

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  1. Hello Alka,

    Just stumbled upon your blog and what a pleasant surprise!!!

    I was really overwhelmed with the diverse travel stories from across India.

    I just love trekking but yet to explore the mighty Himalayas.

    It’s really great to find your travel adventures here with beautiful images.

    Let me explore your posts one by one 🙂

    Have a great time 🙂

    1. Hi Sreejith

      this just reminds me what Lawrence Block said once – “Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.”
      I am glad you have liked my journeys in words and pictures. Keep traveling with my blog and I promise to take my readers all over! The places I travel to are worth knowing more .. Happy reading!

          1. Yes I saw you have written your blog in Hindi. To express in Mother tongue is always a pleasure 🙂 So you are the one who helps the people to get familiar with English classics! 😀

    1. Thanks for coming to my blog, Kanika! Indian Army’s Adventure wing, each year organises a trek to Siachen Glacier for civilian dependents of Armed forces personells, students of schools/institutions run by forces and media fraternity. Keep checking their website. Here is the link, though i strongly advise you to be in touch with them directly –

  2. कोलेज के दीनो में वेकेशन हुआ नहि की हम ३ भाई अहमदाबाद से पहाड़ को चल देते थे । रेज़र्वेशन तो मिल नहि पता था २४ घाटे लगते थे दिल्ली पहुँचने में realway स्टेशन पर plateform पर ही नहा कर हल्द्वानी की बस पकड़ कर रात को ११।१२ बजे हल्द्वानी पहोचते थे । रात को बस स्टैंड पर सोते सुबह में रानीखेत की बस फिर द्वाराहाट और फिर २ घंटे चल कर गाँव पहोचते थे । कुछ दीन बाद मामा के घर बहनो के घर मोसी के घर चले जाते थे और सीमित पेसो में पहाड़ घूमते थे ।
    इनमे से बहोत सारी जगह देखी हुई हे ।पढ़ते हुए एसा लग रहा था की में ख़ुद भी दुबारा घूम रहा हु । कुछ जगह तो जानी पहेचानी हे पर अब तो आँखों के सामने तेर सी रही हे ।

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