an aerial view of Zanskar near Leh, Ladakh

Being a compulsive traveler, air travels are part of my life now, but it is extremely rare that I look forward to my journeys in those claustrophobic, metal boxes .. barely managing to stretch my limbs and imagination! But, New Delhi to Leh (Ladakh) is an exception and one must be enthusiastic enough to ask for a window seat while flying on this sector. One gets to see snow covered Zanskar range on one side and Ladakh range (part of Himalayas) on the other. A thin line of Indus meandering its way in the valleys below offers an unforgettable sight.


heavenly views!



snow covered Zanskar range




Flying over Himalaya (Zanskar range) is ethereal experience!




look forward to this air journey next time, everytime!




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